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Here’s What A Refugee Did When He Saw A Woman Reading Her Bible…



Reading your bible in Europe?

Well, you could get stabbed by a refugee.

The Local reports:

A middle-aged Christian woman was saved by her winter coat after she was stabbed by an asylum seeker when he heard her reading from the Bible.

The 50-year-old woman was stabbed with a butter knife whilst in an asylum seeker accommodation in Timelkam in Voecklamarkt in Upper Austria, according to a report in Die Krone newspaper.

Her alleged attacker was a 22-year-old man from Afghanistan who had taken offense to the fact that the woman had been invited by Christian residents of the property to discuss the Bible.

When he found out what she was doing, he stormed into the kitchen where the woman was standing, grabbed a butter knife, and tried to plunge it into her upper body.

Luckily her thick winter coat protected her from serious injury, but she did injure her ear when she fell backwards from the force of the man’s violent blows.

When questioned by police, the man accepted he had overreacted but claimed he was suffering from ‘personal problems’.

These people are completely intolerant of any way of life but their own.

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