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Congressional Black Caucus Issues Sickening Threat To Trump… Americans FURIOUS



The Congressional Black Caucus is preparing to throw a massive hissy fit, threatening to stage protests and attack the president on Twitter.

Politico reports:

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are bracing for worse to come in Donald Trump presidency, fearing that he could set minorities back decades.

Leaders of the group told POLITICO they have already begun discussing strategies to deal with Trump and any policies they believe would disenfranchise African-Americans.

Incoming CBC Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-La.) is expected to outline his priorities for the new administration when he officially takes the reins of the caucus on Tuesday. Some members suggested challenging Trump on his home turf — Twitter — while others advocated nonviolent protests.

Some of the caucus members commented on the incoming Trump administration:

“The stakes are incredibly high and our community is counting on us as the last line of defense between Donald Trump and the worst of what America could offer,” Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said.

“This is not a normal president,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver added. “We had no plan for George Bush. I think Charlie Rangel and John Conyers would tell you they didn’t even have a plan for Richard Nixon. But this is not the norm.”

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