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BUSTED: John Lewis Caught Touting A Massive Lie…



Rep. John Lewis may be a 1960s civil rights icon from Atlanta, but that does not exclude him from being accountable for his own record.

And he just lied about it — big time.

ZH reports:

Congressman John Lewis lied during a ‘groundbreaking’ Meet the Press interview on Sunday. He announced to a ‘shocked’ and dramatic Chuck Todd that he could not, in good conscience, attend the Trump inauguration because he felt [Russians] did it and the election results were illegitimate.

Moreover, John Lewis announced that this would be the first time ever, in his congressional career, that he’d miss a Presidential inauguration.

And therein lies the lie — Lewis skipped out on George Bush’s inauguration back in 2000 because felt that Al Gore was the real winner.

This is just more proof that the left will do anything and everything in their attempt to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump.

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