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BREAKING: Rand Paul Backs Trump, Demands PROSECUTION…



Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is not playing games.

He’s officially called for the prosecution of whomever leaked an intelligence dossier about the president-elect’s Russian ties that’s been widely debunked by U.S. officials and rebuked by Donald Trump himself.

Fox News reports:

Trump said at a press conference Wednesday that Russia was likely behind cyberattacks against US entities, but struck back against details from the dossier that were released by some press agencies.

“Anyone who leaked it [to the public] should be prosecuted,” Paul said, “If an intelligence agency head talked to the media, they should go to jail; if it was [someone in the] Obama administration, they should go to jail.”

If you can’t trust the FBI to keep secret information likely to cause a public official to be blackmailed, it increases the risk of said officials being extorted, he said.

“Somebody is releasing information [someone] is using to blackmail,” Paul said.

He said he must take Trump at his word regarding the legitimacy of the dossier or lack thereof.

Trump dismissed the unverified reports as “fake news” on Twitter before giving the media a whipping at his press conference.

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