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BREAKING: Obama Threatens Trump With Just 4 Days Until Inauguration



Obama’s most renowned failure, the Iran Nuclear deal, has been a key talking point during the campaign of Donald Trump, in which he’s said he wants to completely get rid of it.

But President Obama is now sending ominous and vague warnings to Trump about how he should not even touch the catastrophic deal.

Breitbart reports:

US President Barack Obama on Monday marked the first anniversary of the nuclear deal with Iran by emphasizing its “significant and concrete results” and warning the incoming Trump administration against undoing a pact supported by the world’s major powers.

In language clearly directed at Donald Trump, who is set to take office on Friday, a White House statement said “the United States must remember that this agreement was the result of years of work, and represents an agreement between the world’s major powers — not simply the United States and Iran.”

It added that “a diplomatic resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is far preferable to an unconstrained Iranian nuclear program or another war in the Middle East.”

Trump has often denounced the nuclear deal, and in a Sunday interview with the Times of London and Bild newspaper of Germany he continued his criticism, saying, “I’m not happy with the Iran deal, I think it’s one of the worst deals ever made.”

It will be in America’s best interest to shred the deal and sanction Iran once more — any state sponsor of terror should have no pathway to a nuclear arsenal.

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