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BREAKING: Italy Follows In Trump’s Footsteps, Plans MASS Deportations Of Refugees…



Finally, someone in Europe is taking a stand against the disastrous influx of refugees and societal breakdown caused by of Islamic fundamentalists.

Italy is taking a similar take to what President-Elect Donald Trump has campaigned on, which is a complete halt to refugee resettlement and a hard-line approach to the security and strength of the border.

In addition, deportations are going to happen — a lot of them.

The International Business Times reports:

Italy is to take a tougher stance on illegal migration in 2017, following a 12-month period that saw a record number of migrants enter the country, estimated at 500,000.

The move by Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni is his first major policy change and marks a different mindset to his predecessor Matteo Renzi, who adopted a more laid-back approach.

Franco Gabrielli, the chief of police sent a two-page document to stations around Italy, asking them to deport and identify economic migrants who are not entitled to asylum.

This is good news for Europe in general, as Italy is regarded as the “frontline” of the refugee ordeal.

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