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BREAKING: First Democrat Bucks Party Lines, Says He WILL Vote To Confirm Jeff Sessions



Democrats are not going to be pleased.

West Virginia senator Joe Manchin has defected from the Democrat party that has thrown their fellow Senator Jeff Sessions under the bus, and reassured the Alabama senator that he would get his vote at the attorney general confirmation.

“I have never detected, never one ounce of detection, that Jeff Sessions is what they have said,” Manchin replied. “I can only say how I know the person, and I’m voting for the person I know”:

Manchin sured up his support even more:

Jeff Sessions has my vote. He’s my friend. I’ve built relationships and friendships here. I don’t care whether you’re Democrats, Republicans, independents. We were sent here, basically sent here, to work to make America better. And Jeff Sessions, I’ve known him for six years. We’ve been friends. We talk about an array of things.

He stated that Sessions handled himself well as Democrats made accusations against him.

Manchin asserted:

Now, some people say he’s too conservative. Well, some people are too liberal. You know, the bottom line is President-elect Trump won the election. He ought to have a right to put his staff together. If Jeff goes through the background check, the FBI background check, the ethics check, and he turns in his financial disclosures, then that basically should allow him to put his team together.

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