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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Makes First Move On Refugees…



Sen. Ted Cruz has found a local Texas ally in Rep. Ted Poe to begin to phase out refugee resettlement in the United States.

More specifically, their legislation gives power back to the governors, Fox News reports.

The two renowned legislators introduced a bill allowing governors to deny the federal government from the ability to forcibly resettle refugees in their states.

The bill is called State Refugee Security Act and it’s a direct response to the now-defunct Obama administration.

Former President Barack Obama settled refugees in several states without adequate vetting of the individuals, Poe said.

“Congress should empower states to protect their citizens,” he said.

Upon introducing the legislation, Cruz praised President Trump for planning to wage a tough fight against terrorism around the world and he made clear that the legislation would be another big step in keeping America secure.

This would also buy time for President to do a complete refugee overhaul — or shut down the program completely.

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