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BOOM: Ron Paul Backs Trump, Shuts DOWN Furious Liberals…



Ron Paul does not mince words when it comes to the outrage culture of the left.

In a recent Facebook post, he made the following comments:

“It has become very apparent that the left views Trump’s election as an absolute calamity. But it is a calamity that they brought upon themselves.

“The left remained silent while the Obama administration spent two full terms at war. They excused Obama’s NSA scandals. They cheered the growth of an imperial presidency and an activist judiciary.

“But worst of all, the left poisoned America with vicious identity politics and a deeply false narrative of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and privilege. How could a backlash not occur?

“What matters most in the upcoming years is not what Trump can actually do in the face of this hatred. What matters is what he can undo,” Paul concluded.

Fortunately, President Trump can undo quite a bit in his first 100 days. It is likely that 70-80% of Obama’s legacy will have dissolved in the short weeks ahead.

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