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UH-OH: Dems Move On From Electoral College Loss, Find Their NEXT Anti-Trump Attack…



The Democrats lost the general election.

They lost the recounts.

They lost the electoral vote.

And since there are no more contests to lose, they’ve move straight to the next way to get rid of Donald Trump — impeachment.

A New York Magazine writer penned an article entitled “The Case for Donald Trump’s Impeachability,” laying out clauses in the United States Constitution and his own justifications to evict the next president right from the get-go.

The writer attempts to use Trump’s businesses as a means by which he can be impeached, claiming he’s violating “Emoluments Clause” that prohibits certain conflicts-of-interests with other governments.

However, the writer forgets to note that Trump is divesting all assets away from himself and to his kids:

Expect this lie to be peddled for the next few weeks that Trump even has a remote possibility of being impeached. With a Republican super-majority, the president-elect will be congress’ best friend.

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