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SPREAD THIS: Master List Of “Hate Crime” Hoaxes Meant To Tarnish Trump…



Thanks to some sleuths on Reddit, we have a master list of every Pro-Trump hate crime that has been completely confirmed as a hoax.

Here’s the list:

The Texas family whose car and motorcycle were burned, and whose garage was spray-painted with “n***** lover”, only to have his wife later reveal that her husband had hoaxed the community by doing it himself. (Here’s the proof)

The black, “white supremacist” arrested for the infamous burned-down black church which had “Vote Trump” written on it. (Here’s the proof)

South Philly graffiti — “Black B****”, “Trump Rules” — arrest made, turns out to be black “white supremacist.” (Here’s the proof)

Young lady who was arrested for fabricating a story about an attack by racists on a NYC subway while yelling “Donald Trump.” (Here’s the proof)

Young lady from Ann Arbor who fabricated a terrifying tale of a Trump supporter threatening that he’d burn the hijab off of her if she didn’t take it off. (Here’s the proof)

University of Louisiana at Lafayette student who now admits she fabricated her claim that men wearing Trump hats attacked her, knocked her down, and stole her headscarf. (Here’s the proof)

The brown “white supremacist” arrested for writing KKK and swastikas at Nassau community college. (Here’s the proof)

The Bowling Green student who was arrested after falsely claiming she was attacked and taunted with racial slurs by MAGA-gear wearing Trump supporters. (Here’s the proof)

Another student at BGSU who fabricated a story about a robbery and derogatory slur. (Here’s the proof)

A black man in Malden (Boston area) who claimed he was forced to run for his life after being threatened with lynching, chased, and told that “It’s Trump country now”, but then admitted he fabricated the story. (Here’s the proof)

The man who hung a nazi flag in SF (incidentally, across the street from his neighbors whose family members were Holocaust victims), only to later explain he was making an anti-Trump political statement. (Here’s the proof)

The “courageous” throat-punching, racist-stomping woman who claimed to have bashed the fash only to be inexplicably handcuffed for her trouble, but who police say fabricated the incident. (Here’s the proof)

The woman who was supposedly threatened at a gas station with a gun by Trump supporters, but who never contacted police and has now deleted her accusation. (Here’s the proof)

Williams College students who admitted they wrote KKK graffiti and dumped fake blood in a church to “bring attention to the effects of the presidential election.” (Here’s the proof)

Bisexual North Park University student who school says fabricated hateful pro-Trump messages. (Here’s the proof)

An Elon University hate message that received national attention “Bye bye latinos hasta la vista” but was later revealed to be written by a Latino student who was upset about the results of the election and wrote the message as a “satirical commentary.” (Here’s the proof)

Wellesley college kids, who were accused of screaming racist and homophobic slurs, were cleared of charges when it was determined they were only yelling “Make America Great Again.” (Here’s the proof)

Pass this along and get the truth out there!


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