SICK: Hillary Fan Beats 69-Year-Old Female Trump Supporter With A CHAIR… Media SILENT

We’ve all seen political discussions get out of hand — but there aren’t too many instances where it becomes physical.

Pennsylvania resident Matthew Pugh, 27, was triggered by a comment by a 69-year-old Trump supporter, in which he responded by picking up a chair and hitting the woman on the head, causing her to bleed “severely.”

Observer Reporter broke the story:

Borough police were called to the apartment complex Nov. 20. Witnesses told police that Pugh and the woman, also a Donora Towers resident, were in the lobby when they got into a disagreement about politics, particularly the recent presidential election.

Pugh reportedly became enraged. He allegedly picked up a chair and hit the woman over the head, knocking her to the floor. The chair opened a gash on her head that bled severely, police said. The woman also suffered other injuries in the fall — she’s currently recovering in a local hospital.

Pugh left after the assault, police said, but was found a short time later. Donora police Officer Keith Charlton said Pugh is a supporter of Hillary Clinton. The woman apparently made a comment either against Clinton or in support of Trump, sparking Pugh’s attack, said Charlton.

Pugh was arraigned before District Judge Larry Hopkins and placed in Washington County jail on $50,000 bond. He is scheduled for a Dec. 14 preliminary hearing before District Judge Mark Wilson.

This just goes to show you the rampant intolerance of the left. These young folks have been fed from a silver-spoon their entire life, getting a trophy for every success and failure in their life.

Now, when they lose and there’s not trophy, they have but no choice to throw a tantrum — and this incident will be on Pugh’s record for the rest of his life.

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