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SHOCK: Politically-Correct School CANCELS “Christmas Carol” Production Over 4 WORDS



Centerville Elementary School principal Tom Kramer caved in to the whinings of two complaining parents and cancelled the school’s annual Christmas Carol production.

The words, “God bless us, everyone” offended exactly TWO people. Now no one gets to enjoy the timeless classic from Charles Dickens.

The play has been an annual tradition at the East Hemphill Township school in Pennsylvania for decades. Kramer stated that his decision was “rooted in the desire to be respectful of the many cultural and religious backgrounds represented by the students.”

Of course, cancelling Christmas disrespects everyone else, but that doesn’t seem to matter to administrators who are more concerned about pleasing anti-Christians than doing what’s in the best interest of children. American schools are kowtowing to political correctness by banning Christmas performances and displays. A number of districts now refer to the Christmas holidays as “Winter Break” so that they don’t offend anyone.

District officials supported Kramer’s decision by pointing out that the play takes up too much instructional time.

It looks like the school district doesn’t want literature taking up valuable instructional time. Move over, Scrooge.. The politically correct police are taking your role.

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