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SHOCK: College Students Now Getting CLASS CREDITS To Protest Trump…



America’s education system is going off the deep-end.

The Daily Caller reports:

A professor at Georgetown University offered her students course credit if they attended a teach-in rallying opposition against president-elect Donald Trump.

The class “The Cultural Politics of HIV in the US and South Africa” required students to attend a World AIDS Days event and write a 2-3 page paper about it, according to a new report from Campus Reform. But since many of the events were off-campus or required students to buy a ticket, Prof. April Sizemore-Barber offered her class an alternative: A Dec. 3 on-campus event, “Teach-In for Radical Hope: Sowing Seeds of Liberation.”

The teach-in was an overtly political event, inviting participants to “channel all the anti-Trump rage into a pro-Liberation rhetoric that moves people into action.” According to a write-up at the time, the teach-in touched on a wide array of progressive topics, from illegal immigration to labor rights to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Attendees directly compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and one even said “violence may be necessary” to stop his administration, according to Campus Reform.

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