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Addison Riddleberger

If A Liberal Demands More Black Santas, Answer Back With 3 Simple Words…



The duplicitous left has hit another bump in the road — and it has to do with their consistent usage of the race card.

It’s quite simple to break this one down. You see, if a liberal demands more black Santas in America’s shopping centers, politely reply with these three words:

“That’s cultural appropriation.”

Immediately after you say that, make sure to wallow in their flustered emotions as they try to figure out how you took a page from their own playbook and exposed their hypocrisy to the point they need to tack on another safety pin to their shirt.

Liberals flipped when white American Matt Damon was selected to play an Asian in an upcoming Great Wall of China movie.

Liberals whined when Allure magazine gave white women a tutorial on creating an afro.

Liberals complained when Johnny Depp was cast as Native American “Tonto” in the recent “Lone Rangers” reboot.

Yet, the Santa Claus Americans know and love was brought to the United States by Dutch families — which is as statistically white of a population as you can get — and the original story revolves around, yes, a white St. Nick in 18th century Europe.

Therefore, any Santa that’s not white doesn’t really align with the old tale.

But in the end, I, like most conservatives, don’t care give a rip about the race of a particular Santa Claus in any given mall.

White, black, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American Santas are all fine by me — but first, don’t force the race of a fictional character down my throat, and second, shouting “cultural appropriation” at a progressive is rather redemptive.

To the race-baiting leftists — stop causing drama and enjoy the holiday season for once. To everyone else — have a very Merry Christmas.

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