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JUST IN: Mexico Bends The Knee, Plans To HELP Trump Secure The Border…



Trump’s toughness on trade is going to help him tremendously when it comes to securing the border.

They’re calling it the “Trump Effect.”

Reuters reports:

Mexico aims to defend free trade with the United States by using border security and immigration policy to gain leverage in talks with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump after he takes office next month, senior officials say.

To defuse Trump’s threats to disrupt trade and investment, policymakers say Mexico aims to strike a balance between hearing out his concerns over illegal immigration and U.S. jobs, and adopting a firm posture to protect its own economic interests.

Mexico wants security, immigration and management of the U.S.-Mexican border to be on the table alongside trade when it sits down to talk to the Trump administration, a person familiar with the government’s thinking said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

It looks there could be a one-two knock out punch when it comes to both issues between our neighbors in Mexico. It would truly be something else if Americans could finally be the beneficiaries of great trade deals and strong, secure borders.

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