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JUST IN: Florida Recount Underway…



This recount ordeal just seems to keep dragging on.

The same people who brought us Wisconsin’s recount — in which Hillary Clinton isn’t doing well in — are now migrating to Florida for another last-ditch attempt at changing the outcome of the election.

But it’s really in vain, at this point. Here’s what the group, “Protect Our Elections,” says on their donate page:

“This election is about making sure every vote is counted. The nonpartisan movement for election integrity helped launch recount efforts that are underway in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Now we need your help to act on information we received about voting abnormalities in Florida.

“We were successful helping make a recount happen in Wisconsin, but nowhere is this principle of election integrity more important to defend than in Florida, with its 29 electoral votes, a long history of election problems and malfeasance, and where most votes were counted on the DS200, an error-prone and insecure machine decertified for use by California. We’ve been organizing activists and lawyers in Florida to prepare a lawsuit.”

Their site shows they have exceeded the donation goal of $50,000 for lawyer fees, raising just a tad over $63,000.

Expect President-Elect Donald Trump to counter their efforts with lawsuits of his own.

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