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2016 Is Over — Here’s How Many People Died At The Hands Of Islamic Terrorists…



2016 was a very bad year for the world when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

During this time period, between January 1, 2016 and December 27, 2016, there were 2448 Islamic attacks in 59 countries.

In those attacks, 21133 people were killed and 26491 were injured, according to — a tracker of Islamic attacks and doctrine.

Unfortunately, there are many attacks that happen, but are not reported.

Since 9/11 — the most devastating terrorist attack in the history of the world — 30,000 attacks have been carried out by self-professed Islamic radicals.

Islam needs a reformation if it is to stay relevant in western culture — and American Muslims need to be on the forefront of that battle. Self-professed feminists need to be on the front lines, fighting against the breach of human rights in the Middle East. The LGBT lobby needs to push for reform upon the lack of rights for homosexuals.

Change needs to happen — but will it? Political correctness has plagued the world far too long.

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