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Guess What The “Morality Police” Just Did In Saudi Arabia…



“Morality police”?

In Saudi Arabia?

Oh boy.

The Daily Caller reports:

Saudi authorities arrested numerous women and the organizer of a party after a video of men and women dancing went viral, according to The Mirror.

The country’s so-called “morality police” investigated the party, and then worked in conjunction with local police officials to track down the alleged culprits. (RELATED: Saudi Religious Police No Longer Allowed To Make Arrests)

A video clip from the party first appeared on YouTube Dec. 20 and had over 160,000 views by Dec. 26. The video shows a group of men and women dressed in Western-style clothing dancing on a rooftop terrace with bottles and glasses of what authorities determined was alcohol.

Here’s the video of the party:

One commenter says: “Saudi Arabia: Where having a party is evil, but joining ISIS and beheading little boys and girls is completely fine!”

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