Chip Gaines Responds To Buzzfeed’s Anti-Christian Hit Piece In The Most EPIC Fashion…

Buzzfeed’s witch-hunt on Christianity just got a dose of Christ-like love from Chip Gaines.

He’s truly a class act.

Twitchy reported:

Buzzfeed (and other outlets that promoted the story) took quite a bit of flak for reporting about the gay marriage beliefs of the pastor of Chip & Joanna Gaines’ church, putting the “Fixer Upper” couple in an uncomfortable and unfair spotlight.

Chip Gaines had a message about Buzzfeed & Cosmo writers who wrote and promoted the hit piece:

In case you don’t know, Kate Aurthur is the writer behind the unfair and absurd hit-piece directed at the HGTV couple.

Yet, he responds with tolerance, forgiveness, and respect — that’s something the left could learn from.

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