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BREAKING: Berlin Victim’s Father Delivers A DEVASTATING Message To Angela Merkel…



German Chancellor Angela Merkel is reaching the final days of her political career — and one father just proved it.

The Daily Caller reports:

The parents of a Berlin victim visited the Christmas market where their son was badly injured Monday night. He is fighting for his life in a coma at a local hospital, and the father couldn’t hold back his anger toward Merkel during an interview with the Danish TV 2.

“We’re here because our son was seriously hurt here,” he said. “Thank you, Mrs. Merkel. I am never voting for you again and my family and friends won’t either.”

The man then storms out of the interview while his wife goes on.

“He works in Berlin but comes home to Wiesbaden during the weekends,” she said. “He was supposed to come home the day after [the attack].”

Anis Amri, the alleged attacker, was killed during a shootout with Italian police in Milan Friday morning.

Merkel has done everything she can to bring in un-screened refugees. She’s imported over one million during her time as Chancellor — and the German culture and way of life is deteriorating right before their eyes.

The world is counting the days until she’s kicked out of her position of power.

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