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BREAKING: U.S. Steel CEO Says 10,000 Jobs To Be Brought Back… All Because Of Trump



U.S. Steel CEO Mario Longhi admitted that manufacturing challenges exist exclusively in the United States thanks to oppressive regulation set forth by President Obama.

Longhi is willing to bring as many as 10,000 jobs back to the United States because of the prosperity predicted with the advent of the incoming Trump administration. Jobs were lost to lay offs and downsizing during the Obama administration, and many employees found work overseas.

Europe and other countries have not established the same set of confining rules for manufacturing companies that American workers and business owners face.

There’s been little confidence among companies in the United States about their ability to compete in a global economy because of burdensome air pollution and water standards that are downright absurd. Longhi mentions the example of having to treat the water his company uses so that it is more pure than what’s found in nature.

American regulations are killing companies and equalizing the global playing field. Think of it as socialized industry – on a global. No matter how well America performs, our work will be burdened so that others can move ahead.

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