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BREAKING: Trump’s Favorability Skyrockets, Hillary’s Tanks One Month After Election…



President-Elect Donald Trump had a mighty victory on November 8th — however, there was a great deal of negativity surrounding him that he needed to overcome.

And he’s done a remarkable job in doing so.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Forty-five percent of voters in the latest George Washington University battleground poll said they have a positive opinion of the president-elect, marking a 9-point increase from mid-October. The percentage of voters who continue to view Trump negatively has declined 12 percentage points – 61 to 49 percent – in the same period.

Defeated Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who recently joined the Green Party-led effort to push for vote recounts in three swing states Trump won, has seen a decline in her favorability rating and an uptick in the percentage of voters who now hold a negative opinion of her (55 percent).

That said, this shouldn’t really surprise too many people. Trump’s selection of qualified and skilled individuals for department heads has been the primary factor of his bolstered favorability rating.

Hillary, on the other hand, conceded the day after the election, but then went on to partake in Jill Stein’s maniacal recount scam.

Plus, the post-election riots didn’t really help, either.

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