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PROOF: Obamacare Has Made America A LESS HEALTHY Place…



Obamacare is killing you, quite literally.

This year the life expectancy for Americans plummeted to levels not seen for seventy years – since WWII.

Although eleven million people are participating in the government’s heath program, they are not seeing their health improve. Many can’t afford the outrageous medical costs doctors and hospitals have to charge to compensate for government interference. Americans skip going to the doctor in a desperate attempt to save money.

Despite any frugality on the part of Americans, the Affordable Care Act cost taxpayers $110 billion. Too bad the Obama administration isn’t as good at saving people money as they are at situational irony. At these rates, the government could have given every citizen a few million bucks to self-insure. The rest could go into Social Security or pay off debts to China.

The comprehensive health care insurance program that was supposed to take care of Americans and keep them in their prime at every stage of life has failed.

It’s time to repeal and replace one of the greatest disasters in modern history.

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