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ANOTHER WIN: Obama Admin Admits Trump Can Just “Walk Away” From Iran Deal…



Eric Trump stated earlier this year that the Iran Deal was likely the main reason his father decided to run for president.

And now, after the Iranian leadership said that the next president would not be able to do anything about the deal, Trump will, in fact, be able to “tear it to shreds” as he’s stated during the campaign.

Washington Examiner reports:

President-elect Trump will have the power to break the Iran nuclear agreement, the State Department acknowledged, before hastening to argue against such a move.

“It’s not a formal treaty, and, of course, no one else can prevent any party to this agreement from walking away,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters Tuesday. “The counterargument to that is, why would anyone walk away? Because it’s effective.”

This is huge victory for Americans — and especially Israel, who absolutely resented the agreement.

“From the initial reports received, it is already possible to say that this [Iran Nuclear deal] is a historic mistake for the world,” Mr. Netanyahu said last July.

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