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BREAKING: Obama’s Midnight Regulations Cost Taxpayers Tens Of BILLIONS…



The clock is ticking, and the Obama administration knows it. That’s why they are rushing “midnight regulations,” the last-minute rules aimed at furthering their liberal and socialistic agendas, between November’s election and Inauguration Day.

Once thought to cost Americans $5.2 billion in regulatory priorities, the newest regulatory estimates show a gross underestimation of how much the Obama administration is racking up. The American Action Forum indicates the real cost to you is $44.1 billion, which is eight times more than originally thought.

Areas affected include the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Dodd-Frank, climate care, fuel economy and education. A regulation called “Protection of Human Subjects” will be the most costly, and this rulebook is meant to protect people who participate in research studies, and a cost of $13 billion.

That’s chump-change compared to what Obama has managed to do in the last seven years. His administration’s regulations and restrictions have cost Americans more than $100 billion.

Presidents use the last few months of their office to rush through controversial change that would not otherwise be approved, and they face no consequences for their actions

So much for the smooth transition of power. As Donald Trump takes office, there’s likely to be new regs that neither he nor the American taxpayers want to see take effect but will cost everyone dearly nonetheless.

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