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BREAKING: Obama Tries To Sneak $4 BILLION To Illegals Before Trump Takes Over…



Outgoing President Obama has just requested $4 billion for Health and Human Services Department programs that will provide health, welfare and social services for illegal immigrants.

Last year alone, more than 408,000 immigrants and refugees crossed illegally into the U.S., and this year, the number of minors who have crossed the borders illegally without parents is staggering. The U.S. currently funds the housing, food, health care, medical well being and attorney costs for every one of these children, and the Obama administration wants to add another $2.82 billion for their care.

In 2014, only 52% of all illegal immigrants came from Mexico. The rest were from Asia, Central America and sub-Sahara Africa, and they flooded into California, Texas and Florida, as well as New Jersey and Obama’s home state, Illinois.

Texas especially has seen an increase in the number of illegal immigrants from Middle Eastern countries like Syria and Pakistan. Interestingly enough, the actual number of these “Special Interest Aliens” (SIA) are rarely reported.

Obama’s quarterback sneak is a lame duck move at the end of the game. It’s a furtive attempt to increase the number of Democrat voters in future elections and harbor possible terrorists who would help to undermine America.

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