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BREAKING: Obama Hits Economic Milestone NO President Wants… This Is His Legacy



With a rentless effort to destroy the value system and work ethic that has made the American Dream possible, Barack Obama has just achieved another milestone in his administration.

The number of eligible Americans no longer employed has now reached a staggering 95 million people.

These people have no job and have given up hope of finding one. Nearly half a million discouraged Americans gave up last month alone.

The Obama administration promulgates their low 4.9% unemployment rate as something of which to be particularly proud. The U-6 measure, which factors the unemployment rate with the “no longer looking” rate as a single percentage, reports the real unemployment rate as 9.3%.

Obama’s administration relies on the U-3 measure from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for reporting unemployment, which tallies the total number of unemployed civilians in the workforce. The U-6 measure is more comprehensive because it takes into consideration part-time workers, also known as “marginally attached workers.”

Many Americans would like to find work, but a stagnant economy has either significantly reduced employee hours or cut jobs altogether. Often these employees find themselves taking on multiple part time jobs in the hopes they can reduce their debt load or even just make ends meet.

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