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BREAKING: Obama Has His FIRST Accomplishment… And It’s Not What You Think



Unfortunately, President Barack Obama — America’s first African-American president — has achieved nothing noteworthy over the course of the last eight years.

Until now.

He has, in the last several years, created the biggest, brightest, strongest, most principled Republican party in modern history.

Thanks to Obama, there are now more Republican congressmen, senators, and governors total than ever before — and they all rode the Trump Train to get there.

The last time Republicans have had this much influence was in 1928, when Herbert Hoover was president.

Failed economic polices, failed foreign policies, failed candidates, and failed messaging bolstered the party of Lincoln and Reagan to the fiery conservatism that we’ve always needed.

Then when you add the massive personality of President-Elect Donald Trump atop of it all, it’s no wonder the Democrats were beaten as badly as there were at the polls.

So, thanks Obama — thank you for creating the best Republican administration ever.

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