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BOOM: Netanyahu Retaliates In An EPIC Fashion…



Voted against Israel and with the United Nations?

No special privileges for you then.

The Times reported:

The Israeli prime minister has cancelled a meeting with Theresa May in protest over Britain’s support for a security council resolution that condemned illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories.

“It is a disappointment that the Israeli government has announced that prime minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu does not want to have a conversation with Theresa May,” said Tony Kay, the deputy chief of the British mission in Tel Aviv. The two were due to meet in Davos next month on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

However, a spokesman for Mr Netanyahu denied that any official meeting had been scheduled.

He also cut ties with ambassadors to countries that supported the anti-Israel settlement.

Thankfully for Israel, Donald Trump is going to work make things right for them in the Middle East, saying “things will be different after Jan. 20.”

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