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BREAKING: Italy Votes With Trump, Globalism CRUMBLES



The Italian referendum is about to close, and the poll results could indicate a win for populist leader Beppe Grillo.

Current Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi lost to Beppi in the constitutional referendum, and although he has conceded the election, he is expected to officially resign on Monday.

The election results are not dissimilar to those experienced by President-elect Donald Trump. In fact, Grillo has already been referred to as the Donald Trump of Italy, and he also has been compared to Boris Johnson from Britain’s Brexit movement.

Many Italians are unhappy with the globalistic status quo that has dominated Italy, and they are ready to make changes.

Like their neighbors in England, Italy wants to divorce themselves from the euro, and as the Donald Trump of Italy, Grillo is leading the Italian charge that will return this country to nationalism. Like Trump, he knows that the people of his country want to win again, and Grillo has said, “This is a war and we’ll win.”

Grillo, a popular Italian actor, comedian, and blogger entered into politics in 2009 and founded the Five Star Movement party. The five stars refer to the party’s key issues of public water, sustainable transport, sustainable development, right to Internet access and environmentalism.

It looks like Italy is poised to vote with Trump!

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