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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton And Tim Kaine To Hold Rally Tour… Because They Lost



It looks like the “participation trophy” generation needs a participation trophy.

In an interview with Virginia’s Fox 5, Tim Kaine discussed the outcome of the election and the Democratic nominee herself.

“Hillary is a very resilient person. I mean, she has dealt with an awful lot in her life – painful situations, difficult situations,” he said.

Later, he said that “thank-you” rallies were in order and would take place over the “next couple of weeks.”

That’s right — the two people who could barely manage to fill a small auditorium are going to try their luck with more rallies after they got crushed in the general election.

Perhaps, at the rally, they’ll distribute Plah-doh, legos, and coloring-books to comfort bleeding-heart liberals, like too many Ivy League schools did recently.

It’s time for Hillary Clinton to retire.

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