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BOMBSHELL: George Soros Secretly Working To STEAL Trump’s Electors… Media SILENT



Billionaire George Soros continues to position himself as the master puppeteer in orchestrating the demise of democracy through the manipulation of American politics and the violation of conservative Americans’ wishes.

Soros is intent on preventing Donald Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Sources show that Soros is funding the legal representation of any member of the Electoral College who wishes to vote his or her conscience on December 19 and break away from popular voters’ wishes.

Because Soros prefers to work behind closed doors away from the media, he is using Larry Lessig, Harvard law professor, to steer the Electors Trust, which “provides free and strictly confidential legal support to any Elector who wishes to vote their conscience.” The Electors Trust also states, “We will defend you against any fines or legal claims that might threaten the freedom of your vote.”

Soros has manipulated Lessig as a puppet in the past when Lessig served on the boards of Public Knowledge, Free Press and the sunlight Foundation, all organizations owned by Soros and known for untruthful news reporting – but the media isn’t speaking up now.

Simply put, Soros is buying votes and using Lessig as his front man to attempt a major coup via the Electoral College. Ironically, Lessig is also the Director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard University.

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