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BREAKING: Day 5 Of Wisconsin Recount Is Complete… And Trump’s LOVING The Results



Political writer Ed Morrissey, of, tweeted, “WI recount, day 5: Precincts w/38.15% of Election Night votes now complete. Net change overall: Trump +19.”

After five days of recounting, stunningly similar results are appearing in every county; Trump is holding his lead. The recount has been requested by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who garnered approximately one percent of the popular vote, but skeptics believe losing candidate Hillary Clinton and her campaign may be behind the recount.

Clinton fared far better in Pennsylvania than anywhere else; now that the largest counties have completed their recounts, she’s up by a total of five votes.

Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada also are recounting votes in an effort not dissimilar to grabbing for straws. Clinton defeated Trump in Nevada on election night, and she is still holding that lead.

Automatic recount deadlines have now passed.


President-elect Donald Trump’s not worried; he’s holding his lead in these contested states and continues his plans for inauguration in January 2017.

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