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BOOM: Congressman SLAMS Russia Excuse, Calls For INVESTIGATION Of Obama’s CIA…



Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan leaked the idea to the media that Russia somehow meddled in the election — and Rep. Peter King is not happy.

The New York congressman released a short statement Sunday, saying both the CIA and the claims of Russian hacks should be completely investigated.

“That probe should include a full investigation of the conduct of John Brennan and others in the CIA who are leaking allegations to left wing, biased media outlets such as the New York Times about supposed evidence that the Russians were favoring Donald Trump,” King wrote. “Brennan arrogantly refuses to present any evidence or information to Congress to back up such a serious charge.”

On Sunday, as a guest on ABC’s “This Week,” King slammed Brennan for organizing a sensational “hit job” on Donald  Trump.

“This appears to be an organized hit job vs. the President of the United States,” King said.

In another interview with John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable,” King dismissed the CIA’s “findings.”

“There is no CIA report, there is no CIA conclusion,” King said. “This is somebody in the CIA, or somebody in the intelligence community, or someone in the House or the Senate who’s taken some piece of information and are saying this.”

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