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BOMBSHELL: Van Jones Is Secretly Stealing Trump’s Republican Electors… Media SILENT



CNN political commentator Van Jones has crossed the line to represent what he calls “a number” of electoral defectors – presidential electors who have decided to represent their own interests instead of the wishes of the people in their respective states.

The media largely refuses to report this subversion.

Presidential electors like Texas Republican Chris Suprun refuse to vote for President-elect Donald Trump on December 19 when the Electoral College casts its votes.

Through his for-profit organization Megaphone Strategies, Jones is aiding defectors like Suprun by handling queries from the media. Don’t expect impartiality, though – Megaphone Strategies aligns itself with, Green For All, Democracy Fund, and Demand Progress and other social justice organizations aimed at hacking away American ideals.

Called faithless electors for refusing to vote the way they pledged, presidential electors have yet to alter the outcome of any presidential election. Although 29 states and the District of Columbia have laws prohibiting faithless electors from acting on their own, Texas is not one of them.

Trump is expected to win the Electoral College vote, but even if he or Hillary Clinton didn’t get at least 270 or the 538 available electoral votes, the Republican House and Senate would make the final vote.

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