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BOMBSHELL: British Intelligence Officer Shuts DOWN Obama’s “Russian Hack” Claim…



British whistleblower and former operative Annie Machon slammed the joint FBI and DHS report that “details” the alleged hacking of the U.S. election by Russia, saying it’s simply a case of “fake news” in order to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency.

The document released by the Obama administration lacks specifics and doesn’t explain how the Russian government and the two hacking groups reported are linked.

According to RT, Former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon says exactly what’s happening:

“This is very much a case of fake news, shall we say. It seems to serve two ends as well,” Machon said.

“On the day when the ceasefire is announced, which has been brokered by Russia and Turkey – this is a story that will run and run in America, not the ceasefire in Syria. It’s all going to be about these Russians, and hacking the election and things like that. I think this is the first stage – this is why it was announced that the Russian diplomats were going to be expelled,” she said.

“On the second point as well, it is a mass expulsion – 35 diplomats being thrown out of the country with no proof, with no sort of real intelligence. I think that has also been done to gain the idea, to solidify in public’s mind in America that actually Russia was involved in hacking the election. Where has that phrase evolved from? We don’t know. It was originally just hacking the DNC [Democratic National Committee] e-mails. So I think it is a sort of two-pronged attack that has been carried out; that has been carefully announced today to achieve that,” she said.

“One further point from that in terms of trying to solidify the fact that the Russians interfered in the democratic process of America – is part of this ongoing process to try to undermine the legitimacy of the election of Donald Trump – the next president,” Machon concluded.

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