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UNREAL: Obama Admin MOCKS Trump For Keeping 1,000 Jobs In The U.S.



This week President-elect Donald Trump persuaded manufacturing giant Carrier Air Conditioning to keep 1,000 jobs in Indianapolis, Ind., instead of moving the plant to Mexico where cheaper labor could mean more profits.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest mocked Trump by saying, “If he is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created while President Obama was in office.”

Earnest went on to say that Obama “’saved’ more than 1 million jobs in the auto industry bailout in 2009.” But Obama actually lost more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs in 2009, never regaining them, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Manufacturing companies like Carrier, which is part of United Technologies, have sought ways to save money because of the sluggish market that has festered under Obama’s administration.

Trump doesn’t even take office for another 51 days, and he’s appointed more people to Cabinet positions, seen the DOW grow to record highs and begun bringing more jobs back to the United States than his predecessor accomplished.

It looks like businessmen work at a much faster pace than former community organizers – and have more success, too.

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