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OOPS: Green Party Formally REVOLTS Against Jill Stein’s Recount…



Many Green Party members signed off on a brutal letter written by GP Senate Candidate Margaret Flowers to former presidential candidate Jill Stein, according to Zero Hedge.

In the letter, they summarized their collective opinion, saying, “while we support electoral reforms, including how the vote is counted, we do not support the current recount being undertaken by Jill Stein.”

And then they explain why: “As a candidate, Dr. Stein has the right to call for a recount. However, we urge the GPUS to distance itself from any appearance of support for either Democrats or Republicans. We are well aware of the undemocratic actions taken during the primaries by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Greens cannot be perceived to be allied with such a party.”

In the Green Party’s pursuit of Democracy, they wrote that the recount “was not made in a democratic or a strategic way, nor did it respect the established decision making processes and structures of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). The recount has created confusion about the relationship between the Green and Democratic parties because the states chosen for the recount are only states in which Hillary Clinton lost. There were close races in other states such as New Hampshire and Minnesota where Clinton won, but which were not part of the recount. And this recount does not address the disenfranchisement of voters; it recounts votes that were already counted rather than restoring the suffrage of voters who were prevented from voting.”

Surprisingly, those sentiments coincide with many Democrats’ feelings, as they consider it a “time wasting scam.”

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