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Obama To Break Long-Time Presidential Tradition…



Normally, the tradition for a president is to keep their mouth shut after they’ve stepped down from the highest seat in the land.

But not for President Obama — he’s going to take on Trump anytime he risks “core American values.”

According to BBC, at a summit in Lima, Peru, Obama said he intended to call out President Trump as a “private citizen” when it comes to certain issues.

“I want to be respectful of the office and give the president-elect an opportunity to put forward his platform and his arguments without somebody popping off,” Obama stated.

However, if an issue “goes to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if I think that it’s necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then I’ll examine it when it comes.”

George W. Bush has not commented on Obama’s policies and procedures since leaving office. “I don’t think it does any good,” he said right before Obama was elected a second term in.

“It’s a hard job. He’s got plenty on his agenda. It’s difficult. A former president doesn’t need to make it any harder. Other presidents have taken different decisions; that’s mine.”

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