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DEVASTATING Complaint Filed Against Jill Stein… “Fraud, Perjury…”



A Green Party supporter is absolutely enraged with the recount effort mounted by former GP presidential candidate Jill Stein. After a bit of investigation, he came across some alarming measures being taken on the recount donation page, according to Press TV.

And he’s officially filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Attorney General.

American journalist and radio host Don DeBar claims the recount petition is riddled with fraud. Here’s what he wrote:

“Little actual evidence is offered outside of Stein’s presentation of media speculation, reports of allegations by various government agencies and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and an affidavit from an ‘expert’ who himself has stated publicly that he does not believe there was hacking or other malfeasance involved in the disparity between exit polls and the official tally but, rather, it was the result of problems with the exit poll methodology,” DeBar wrote.

“In that context, the basis of her case, resting as it does upon the information, such as it is, as presented, and her stated belief, deserves strict scrutiny,” he said.

DeBar continued, “It appears that petitioner Jill Stein may have committed perjury in the process of the preparation and filing of the petition, with the apparent intent of fraudulently inducing the State of Wisconsin to conduct the recount, and, perhaps, to induce the thousands of reported donors to the effort to force this recount to do so.”

“Consequently, I hereby request that the petition be opposed and a denial sought by your office, and that your office conduct a formal investigation into these allegations,” he wrapped up.

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