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ALERT: Ohio Attacker Was Somali Refugee… Here’s How Many Obama Brought Into America



If it weren’t obvious before, it is now — the Obama administration doesn’t give a care in the world for its citizens and the growing problems America faces.

After the crazed rampage at Ohio State University, we learn that nearly 43.000 Somali refugees were brought into the States during Obama’s eight years.

Here are the Somali refugee numbers — all of which have either not been vetted properly or not been vetted at all:

  • 2015, 8,858
  • 2014, 9,000
  • 2013, 7,608
  • 2012, 4,911
  • 2011, 3,161
  • 2010, 4,884
  • 2009, 4,189

The Washington Examiner reports that a whopping 97,000 Somali refugees have been brought here since the tragic day of 9/11.

And guess what? 99.99% of them are Muslims — most of which, likely adhere to Shariah Law in one form or another.

CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian dropped a bombshell about the inability to vet refugees:

“We have no way of vetting people from any of the failed states of the Islamic world, whether Somalia or Libya or Yemen or Afghanistan or Iraq. The latter two actually we have more intelligence on, having ruled them for a number of years, but even that information is of limited use; we admitted two Iraqis as refugees who, we only discovered later, had been [improvised explosive device] makers back in Iraq. And the FBI fears dozens more such terrorists have been admitted as refugees.”

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