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BUSTED: Michelle Obama Caught Red-Handed, Now Being SUED For Fraud



Michelle Obama really likes to spend hard-earned tax dollars on lavish flights.

Americans aren’t stupid — we know everything about her trips to Spain and Africa. While she flies around the world engaging in pointless vacations, many Americans can’t even afford to feed their children a decent meal.

So, Judicial Watch decided to initiate a lawsuit against First Lady Michelle Obama, demanding Air Force One records which provide all the information Americans could possibly need about the pretty penny of her massive vacation to Spain.

The entire purpose of the lawsuit, set up by Judicial Watch, is to prove that Michelle’s trip to Spain was purely on a personal basis — and if Judicial Watch’s hunch is proven correctly, Michelle Obama could pay a hefty price.

Here’s the breakdown, according to a Reddit sleuth:

  • POTUS Compensation: $400,000 with $50,000 expense allowance, per year
  • Air Force One, Boeing 747-200B, VC-25: Cost is $210,877 per hour to run and it cruises at 575 MPH.
  • The flight distance between DC and Madrid is 3786.2 miles. That’s flight time of 6.5 hours and a total of $1,388,560.87, one way. The flight distance between DC and Cape Town is 7,907.7 miles. That’s a flight time of 13.75 hours and a total of $2,899,870.48, one way.

One-way total of $4,288,430. That is way, way more Obama has ever made from his position of President. We’ll believe that you paid for your vacation with your own money the very same moment you prove it, Michelle. And how on Earth did you earn that much money, huh?

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